Smoke Signals
  The meaning of smoke signals is not as clear cut as other forms of communication.

  There is no general code or standard meanings for the different shapes, numbers, and type of smoke puffs.

  The reason for this is because enemies are also viewing the smoke signals. For this reason, the code is predetermined by the sender and the receiver. Conversations or long sentences were not communicated by smoke.

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The smoke signal was created by putting damp grass on a fire. The damp grass would cause a column of smoke to rise.
The grass could then be taken off and then a minute or so later, another bundle of grass could be placed on the fire.
Two columns were usually all that was needed.

Reputedly the location of the smoke also conveyed a meaning, so if it came from half way up the hill, that could signify all
was well, but from the top of the hill it would signify danger. Each tribe had their own signalling system and understanding.

Native Americans and others were able to communicate from long distances giving warnings and other smoke signals.
Although technology may have replaced the need for smoke signals, there is still a place for them in certain situations.

American Indians did communicate by smoke signals, but only to give very brief messages. So if a battle had been won,
or there was sickness or enemies approaching, then a signal would be given.