Abo Learning
Children were taught bravery, patience, and self control from the time they were born. Sometimes, like everyone, they needed reminders of good behavior. They had an interesting way of giving reminders. They used night messages.

At night, when the camp was quiet, grandfather (an old man) walked around the circle of wigwams. He called out messages. No names were ever mentioned, and everyone could hear him. His messages were a mix of announcements, instructions, and warnings.

Buffalo Spirit
 Without the buffalo, the independent life of the Indian people could no longer be maintained. The Indian spirit, along with that of the buffalo, suffered an enormous loss. At that time, Tribes began to sign treaties with the U.S. Government in an attempt to protect the land and the buffalo for their future generations.

  The destruction of the buffalo herds and the associated devastation to the Tribes disrupted the self-sufficient lifestyle of the Indian people more than all other federal policies to date. To reestablish healthy buffalo populations on Tribal lands is to reestablish hope for the Indian people.